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is a platform that offers peer-to-peer Myinstantoffer lending, It’s a way in which people who have extra money to offer  loans for people who are looking to lend with minimal interest rates.

For Investors it helps you earn more than the going  interest rate, and for borrowers this platform allows you to pay less than the amount you would’ve repaid a bank if you asked them for a loan.

has become such an excellent source of exchange that its name has become popular with online-personal loans. Now, given that the system is largely dependent on the people who give and take money using this platform, it often has led to some slight fluctuations in its effectiveness and has run into some problems.

Let’s talk about the Complaints that people often report, when using this site



Denied Loan Applications

Now, it is very often that people who are new to and are trying to use the platform get their loan-requests denied.

Why? Well the reason being that has become a very well-reputed means of online-loans that In order to ensure people are capable of returning the money they have a set of strict parameters which you have to fit into before being provided with the amount which you’ve asked for. These parameters mainly revolve around having a good job, a good salary and a credit score of 600.

A Solution to this complaint would be to use alternate options other than LC, One being ‘Prosper’, another P2P Investing agency which offers loans but on less strict parameters hence getting the required amount more easily.


High Interest Rates

Sometimes while applying for a loan using this myinstantoffer.com website, you often are faced with very high interest rates. This depends on the Interest rate of the loan which you are being offered, say for example:

If you’re being offered a Loan with an Interest rate of 15% and a loan with an Interest rate of 5%, you ought to choose the one with the lower-rate as that’ll lead to you having to pay a lesser amount when you return the money.

There are certain other ways to lower the interest rate you’re being offered at LC.

  • Apply for a lesser re-paying duration, such as a 36 month loan as compared to a 60 month pay-back option. This reduces the amount you have to pay back and offers a lower Interest rate.
  • If you apply for a large sum which is more than the money you actually require, you’ll be offered a higher Interest rate as compared to when you ask for a lesser amount.
  • Improve your credit score, ensure it’s free from errors and don’t apply for credit all the time as it takes a toll on your score.


Expensive Loan Payments

As is the case with banks, paying back your loans can be pretty expensive. Most people who borrow large sums from have trouble paying them back.

A way to reduce this problem or to lessen its intensity is to only borrow the amount you require rather than asking for even larger sums. Larger sums result in a higher amount having to be paid per month and these over-indulgence results in Expensive Loan Payments.


Annoying Calls from LC

Sometimes when a borrower forgets to pay for a specific month, or just forgets to pay the platform will have its representatives contact them to give them a reminder; this is in often in the form of Calls and Emails. Customer-Service Representatives are tasked with calling the borrower and this sometimes results in the person getting annoyed at the frequency of these calls.

This problem can be avoided by the borrower if they make their payments on time and don’t forget to pay, as is a source of connecting two people it can often result in the person who loaned the money to need it and it being sent late can cause problems for the website. So, is forced to call the people. If you are unable to make payments, set up a payment plan with so that you can get back on track.

myinstantoffer Complaints


Loans are Unavailable

There are two states in the US which are not supported by and the service isn’t offered there. For people in those states it is often agitating to know you can’t be offered loans through the platform. These States are:

Iowa and West Virginia.

For Iowa residents, you can resort to Prosper for offering you loans but if you’re from West Virginia then sadly neither company can help you.


Scamming and Safety

Is Safe? Is this a Scam? Can I trust it? These are often the questions which people ask before applying for this platform and when they’re doubtful before using it. Well we can assure you that this website and P2P Loan Service is perfectly safe and trustworthy.

There have actually been various stories and reports about being posted on various famous forms of press(CNN, New York Times etc.) vouching for its sanctity and how it’s trustable. So In short, It’s perfectly safe and isn’t a scam.


In the end what can we say, if you feel like you have some free money lying around or you’re in need of a loan then is the option you should resort to. It’s trustworthy, cheaper than regular banks and has a very high satisfaction rate.

So what are you waiting for? Go to www..com!


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